Monday, September 2, 2013

I want my summer back

It's a new week and with it comes more doctor appointments.  All I have to do is look at my email account and see the rising number of new emails and I know it's not summer anymore.  The alarm clock, the school clothes laid out, the lunches and snacks are all signs that summer is over and school's back in session.  I long for our sweet summer days as we face more appointments and tests.

We are seeing a new pulmonologist today.  Since SK's adenoids and tonsils aren't a problem we need to revisit this oxygen saturation thing and figure out what to do about her low sats.  This is not going to be an easy visit and will more than likely lead to more appointments and tests. We need to see what her breathing and O2 sats are like at night when she's sleeping to determine whether or not we are going to need home oxygen.  Yeah, it's a lot right now and I am not handling it all very well.  I want my summer back.

I want to go back to where our hardest decisions consisted of whether or not we were going to stay in our pjs all day. Are we going swimming or bowling? Does eggs, biscuits and gravy at 11:30 count as breakfast or lunch?  I don't want to be discussing sleep studies and possible hospital admissions.  I don't want more meds tacked onto an already long list.  I don't want to talk about deep suctioning, it makes me cry and it makes my girl cry too.

Please pray for these upcoming appointments.  I don't know where we are headed with Sophie Kate right now.  I feel anxious and worried and that's not a place I like to hang out.

Jacob did well with all his ear stuff last Monday.  We are headed to the audiologist this week to get his hearing aid adjusted.  He is having a terrible time with his hearing right now.  Thankful for teachers who are patient with him while we are trying to get this all worked out.  

Now do y'all see why I want my summer back?

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