Monday, August 26, 2013

Never a dull moment

What a wild and wonderful week.  I don't think we have ever had the first week of school start off like this before, but the last few days have truly been a reflection of what's it like inside (and outside) these four walls.  

We were rockin' the first few days of school.  Everyone was happy with their teachers and seeing new friends, both mama and kids were happy with no homework.  We even had a doctor's appointment scheduled which is certainly not out of the ordinary for our big deal just an appointment for both Jacob and Sophie Kate with the ear, nose and throat doctor (ENT).

I only thought that appointment was going to be routine, it turned out to be anything but.  I really don't know how to make this a short story but I'm going to try real hard.  SK started going downhill at the ENT office and by "going downhill" I mean her typical all of a sudden I don't feel good face, followed by a fever, sick watery eyes and lots of secretions that she had a real hard time handling.  Readers, I'm fixin' to go medical on you...SK had an O2 sat of 84% that was going nowhere fast.  We got her up to 89-90 on 5 liters of oxygen and each time we took her off the oxygen she would plummet to the low 80's again.  This got her an ambulance ride straight to Children's Hospital.  So around 4:00 on Thursday afternoon, I found myself following my daughter who was in an ambulance to the hospital, that my friends is going to be a post for another day because I still can't put words to what that felt like.

In hopes of sparing you from too many details I am just going to say that it didn't look good for us to go home that evening.  After each breathing treatment SK was taken off her oxygen support and each time she would drop her O2 sats back into the 80's.  Just as a reference, we typically walk around at 98-100 and we knew we wouldn't be able to go home unless she could stay above wasn't looking good.  God had different plans though, as He always has for our girl and after more meds and a third breathing treatment sister stayed at 95 for one hour.  The doctors and nurses couldn't believe we were being discharged and even doctors calling to check on us the next day said they had called Children's Hospital first to get our room number....ha ha little did they know we stayed at a place we like to call home that night, nothing short of a miracle folks.

So, you might be wondering why this turned out to be a wild and wonderful week, huh?  Well, the wonderful came in our discharge from the ER on Thursday night and then our oldest son's first football game on Friday night.  I told Chad that even though SK didn't feel good, she didn't want her mama and daddy missing her brother's first game and thanks to Sophie Kate's nurse we didn't have to...
This night meant so much to me, not just because I love that boy and I love football, but because there was such gratitude in that moment.  My girl was being taken care of, I was watching my boy play football...somehow in the middle of difficulty God's working the thing out.  It wasn't the most ideal set of circumstances but that's how our family operates.
We haven't had to call on our community for help like that in some time, but when we did they all stepped up to the plate for us once again.  We are thankful for great friends who support us and love our boys.  

I am going to give this guy and his first game it's due but it needs a post all its own cause you know his mama took a few pictures, ha ha.  All the football you can handle is coming soon, but for now we are getting our girl back to her smiling self.

Please pray for Jacob as he is having more issues with his ears.  In all the chaos with SK I failed to mention that Jacob is having a tube put in his left ear and other stuff done to that right ear of his this very morning.  There's no rest for the weary around here, thanks for checking in on us.  

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