Thursday, August 1, 2013

Sophie Kate on Vacation

This little girl has taught me so much about living in the moment, being content in my circumstances and finding joy in all things.
She was an absolute doll on our Smith Lake vacation...happy to hang out on the dock, happy on the boat, happy just being with her family. 
You can't spend to much time with her without wanting to put your hands on her.  I always find myself touching her face, her hair, her arms or holding her hands while I talk to her.  I want her to know I'm there.  I want her to feel safe and loved and comforted at all times.  It seems I'm not the only one that can't keep my hands off of her...

My niece always made sure she was holding onto Sophie Kate whenever we took off in the boat.  I wish I could make my girl feel half as special as she makes me feel, as she makes everyone around her feel.  I have had the privilege of waking up next to her some mornings and so has Grey. He does so well with her, it should comes as no surprise that they bunked together while on vacation.  We found him right up next to her one morning, just drawn to her in a way some can't understand.  A bond that runs deeper than brother/sister, deeper than blood...a heart connection that you can almost feel.  They have a bond born of love, acceptance and compassion.

There is so much I want to pack into the years I have them with us.  Let's start with less video games and more conversation, less time with our faces in our phones/ipods and more time around the dinner table, less time in front of the TV and more time on the boat.  Less time distracted and more time plugged in to smiles, laughter, stories, struggles and dreams.  
That's the stuff I'll remember from our Smith Lake vacations.

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