Monday, July 29, 2013

Our Week at Smith Lake

The things we'll remember from our Smith Lake vacation...
 Yes that's me busting it hard on the water, good times.

Getting equal time is my sister, followed by some of the boy cousins.

My sister and my niece

We all got thrown off the tubes courtesy of my dad and my husband.  They considered it a job well done if we climbed up the ladder back into the boat with another layer of skin removed.  Tubing is painful and fun all at the same time on a 40 year old body, I guess the fun outweighed the pain just enough for me to keep doing it, ha ha.

Here we are before the fall...

Grey's face is priceless, he would go from having the time of his life to having the worst time of his life in a split second.

 Some of my favorite shots from the week...
Grey being thrown into the lake

 SK with her glow wand and bracelets
 Sophie Kate and Olivia

 My nieces

I love to see what happens when you get them away from electronics...
 Same could be said of the grown ups, the best of times.

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