Thursday, August 15, 2013

Growing Girl

We are currently trying to wade through multiple doctor appointments with Sophie Kate.  As I shared a couple of weeks ago, it's time for all the "every 6 month" appointments with SK's specialists.  It's almost funny...almost...cause if I don't laugh I might cry.  These appointments always lead to more appointments and this time is no different.  They are literally scheduling our doctor appointments on top of each other.  No, I'm sorry we cannot be at Children's South at 2:45pm and be downtown at the hospital at 3:30pm...I'm good but I'm not that good.

Our first appointment in this series of appointments lasted 5 hours so we are off to a great start (insert eye roll here). However, we did find out that Sophie Kate now weighs 51 pounds.  Wow, this is really something.  I knew it, I'm mean I feel it every single day every time I lift her.  I can tell she has put on weight and I don't say that to be harsh or critical...quite the opposite I'm thrilled.  I'm thrilled that it's harder on me to lift her, because we have been working to get her to gain weight for about a year and half maybe even two years now.  She began looking really thin through the hips and torso and now she looks so healthy.

We just bought this piece of furniture for her room...
We have some rearranging to do, but it's going to look so seeing those sweet dresses every time I walk in there.

Nothing like hanging out with her little puppy after a long day of doctor visits...

That makes it all better.

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Michelle said...

She has the most infectious smile! And, I love the pictures with her dog!!