Sunday, July 7, 2013

Our 4th

I love a small town 4th of July.  I don't know if I should say just a smaller town or if we really qualify as a small my mind we do so I"ll just go with it.  We have had a cloudy/rainy past few days and the 4th of July festivities were questionable all throughout the day Thursday.  No worries though, the rain stopped, the town turned out, the kids rode rides and we all watched the fireworks together once the sun went down.  

It's neat to see our town come together for something like this.  You get to chat with lots of different people and just about everywhere you look you see a familiar face.  The kids get to meet up with their friends and we get to meet up with our friends, it was win win all the way around.  
SK was so happy to be out and about, dressed for the occasion of course.  She really loved the fireworks this year, watching and smiling the entire time.  
The boys at Turkey Creek earlier in the week.  They floated down this little river to the swimming area.  They were all smiles here, this was just before Grey started screaming that he was "too young to die."  If the child would have just stood up he would have realized that he was only in ankle deep water...dramatic much?!?

Finally, this weekend we came to the realization that it is now cheaper for us to buy a small chicken nugget party tray to feed our crew at Chick-fil-a than it is to buy combo meals or 12 pack nuggets for everyone...that made me laugh.  After I ordered, the guy told me it would be cheaper for me if I just ordered a small nugget tray.  I was secretly wondering this already after I had ordered pack after pack of the 12-count nuggets, but I thought those nugget tray orders had to be ordered in advance and I had to have some nuggets for some hungry boys right then.  Well, it turns out, at least for the small tray, that you don't have to order in advance...just one more reason (added to the many others) that I love The Chick.

So sad our long weekend is over, but so much summer to still enjoy! 

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