Friday, September 14, 2012

iPhone Pictures

This week we wrapped up our Parent Chat Nights with all of the boy's teachers.  Yes, each one has been on a different night which is good...the problem is they have all been on the same nights as our 3 flag football practices.  Let me just say that the term "divide and conquer" doesn't begin to describe how creative we have had to be this week. 

I took this picture of one of Grey's journal entries during 1st grade open house...
OK, not like private journal more like his writer's workshop journal at school.  It's so sweet.  I love how he wrote that he loves her to "bef"(death) and how proud he is that "she gos to school with me."  He also wrote about flag football and that he is the best.  Glad to see he doesn't have a problem with his self esteem, ha ha.

Sophie Kate after losing her first tooth...

Love this one of my smiley girl one day after church...

I saved the best for last because this one cracks me up.  I don't even know what song was playing but Grey walked right over to her and stuck that ear bud in her ear.  I love that he always thinks of her.
Therapy is going well and SK is loving her stander at home. Flag Football games start this weekend so sister will be out and about to all her brother's games.  We are loving the hint of fall in the air and our football Saturdays.  

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