Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fall in the air

The only bright side to school starting back and summer being over is fall in air.  Those wonderfully refreshing cool morning temps are descending on Alabama this week.  I have brought out the fall decorations and am loving the many shades of orange in and around the house.  I have a display of small jars on my mantle that are filled with candy corn.  It's so cute I love it, but I have noticed the candy corn is disappearing.  Yep, my boys just can't help themselves...there is no telling how much candy corn we are going to go through between now and Halloween.  It seems as though I am having to "top off" my jars every couple of days, ha ha.

We've been trying on jeans and long sleeve shirts only to find that nothing fits from last year.  I'm not really surprised since we tend to grow them pretty big around here.  I love seeing the long sleeve shirts and leggings back in Sophie Kate's closet as well.  It won't be long before Sassy gets to wear the new gray boots that her daddy bought her.

We have another football weekend ahead of us and if the weather continues to cooperate I am seeing a crock pot full of chili in our future.  Hope everyone enjoys a wonderful weekend.

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