Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day

I hope all of the mother's out there had a wonderful Mother's Day.  I got a necklace with all the kids names on it from Chad and the kids.  My middle son made me a card and I received an original Mother's Day poem from him as heartfelt.  It was precious.  My oldest son gave me more hugs than I've ever had from him in one day and told me I was awesome, ha ha.  Sophie Kate's Sunday School teachers made her hand print for me and if you know her well then you know that was no small task.  She keeps her hands in fists most of the time, so I am thinking it probably took no less than three people to get that sweet hand print for me.  I loved it!  

Grey gave me one of those question and answer pages that he had filled out in his own know the one where they answer how old we are, what our favorite food is and what they think we do all day.  Leave it to Grey to bring me to tears.  One of the questions was actually a fill in the blank, "My mom's dream is to"...and he wrote..."take care of my sister."  Hello tears.

I had this whole post planned about the Time magazine cover and how I think it was just pitting mother's against each other.  How we as mothers should not get caught up in all of this stuff accusing each other or putting each other down for our parenting choices of breastfeeding or bottle feeding, working moms or stay at home moms, disposable diapers or cloth diapers, strollers or baby slings, and on and on we go.  For the most part we are competent, capable moms who at our core only want what's best for our children and at times get caught up by the pressures of this world asking us if we are "Mom Enough."

At the end of the day all that rambling on just doesn't seem to matter anymore, the sweetness of the day has settled on me and I am grateful for sweet smiles, goodnight kisses and "I love yous."  I am thankful for forgiveness and second chances and an everlasting love from our Everlasting Savior.  I am equipped by Christ, by His guidance and His Word and my husband's Godly leadership and support.  My worth is in Christ and He left no doubt about His love for all of us when he came to earth and died for our sins.

The sweetest moment of Mother's Day didn't involve me at all, ironically it involved my husband.  Chad and the kids took me out to lunch after church on Sunday.  Well, as you can imagine it takes time for us to go just about anywhere, it's not hard it just takes time with all the people we have. We have to get SK's wheelchair out of the back of the van and get her in it while containing all the boys as well. Getting SK and her wheelchair out of the van usually falls to Chad when he's with us because, I'm not going to lie, her and that chair are heavy.  So picture her daddy with her, getting her out of her car seat, putting her in her wheelchair and getting her all strapped in.  It's something I've seen him do hundreds of times, well it fell differently on a sweet lady who stopped her car to tell him that just watching him with his daughter was the only Mother's Day present she needed that day...a complete stranger.

We never know when others are watching, even in our most regular every day tasks we can encourage someone else through our attitude and actions.  After I was able to somewhat contain my tears I told Grey it was my dream to take care of all privilege and my pleasure.       

Psalm 37:23 "A man's steps are established by the Lord, and He takes pleasure in his way."          

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