Monday, May 21, 2012

Fifth Grade Extravaganza

Yesterday all the graduating seniors were recognized at church.  They filed in with their cap and gown on and as each name was called they showed baby pictures, toddler pictures, all the way up to the senior portraits of each graduate.  The boys get to me every time.  When I see their baby pictures and few others of them growing up I think, that's where I'm at now and then I see their senior picture and they look like grown men, I can't take it.  I have tears in my eyes every year.  It's not the baby dedications that get me anymore it's the graduating seniors that make the tears flow.  I know those parents would tell me to soak up every moment because it goes by so fast.

We are in the home stretch, it's the last week of school and we are in celebration mode around here.  It's seems like just a short time ago I was talking about having everyone together at one school for one year.  Well, that year has come and is about to be gone and to celebrate the 5th graders leaving the Intermediate school and going on to Middle school, they get their own day of fun called 5th Grade Extravaganza.

This year there was a dunk tank and the students were all about dunking the dads.  Our dad was the first one up...

Yep, Cooper got him!!

 He gets major points in the best dad category for this!!!

There was so much for them to do, it was a great day and I was so thrilled to be a part of it with him.

Tug of War tournament between the classes...

Of all the fun stuff he did that day, I don't think anything topped getting to dunk his dad...
So thankful for another great year in our wonderful school system!!

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