Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Creek

Counting down the last couple of weeks of school, the boys cooled off in the creek at the beginning of what's sure to be a hot southern summer.

All you have to do with these boys is "just add water," they make their own fun and I love that about them.

Grey's checking out the crayfish they caught...
Don't worry we adhere to a strict "catch and release" policy.

Love Jacob's reflection in the picture below.

Skippin' rocks...

Can you tell that he dressed himself?  That outfit is an absolute mess.  I can promise you that he sees nothing wrong with it which is why I still lay out his clothes for him each morning for school.

Yes, Sassy was there too.  She can't get in creek or lake water because of her feeding tube, but her brothers were there and she was outside, so she was happy.

There's not much time left in this school year, not much time left with all of them at the same school, not much time left before I have a middle schooler, not much time till our days are spent sleeping late and swimming.  Come on summer, we're ready. 

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