Thursday, March 22, 2012

Still Spring Breaking

We have had such a full Spring Break and the good news's not even over yet.  We cut out early and left town Friday morning heading to my parents house to hang with family and friends.
  We did some things in Memphis that I had never done growing up there, isn't that the way it always is. 
 We packed a lot into our 5 days days there including another party for you know who...
and then there was the usual trek in the woods too.  Also, y'all aren't going to believe where I took the kids to have their picture made...well, maybe you will if you know me really really well.  

We're back home enjoying some down time before we have to go back to school.  I'll be sharing more of our Spring Break adventures soon.

Sassy is having a good week too...
Thanks for checking in on us.

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