Monday, March 12, 2012

Just the Beginning

We had Grey's birthday party over the weekend.  No, he won't be officially six until the end of the month, but he loves partying with his best bud Jacob and with Spring Break coming we knew a lot of people would be out of town.  
These two are only about 2 weeks apart, have lots of the same friends and seem to really enjoy sharing their party. We had their party at Pump It Up so the moms and dads really enjoyed sharing the cost too, ha ha.
The only problem with having Grey's party so much earlier than his actual birthday is that it always turns into a month long birthday party extravaganza...and I guess that's not really a problem if you're Grey.
My mom and dad always have a party for him when we are at their house over Spring Break and then we have a family party on the his actual birthday, March 28th.  So you can see how a kid might get a bit spoiled.

The pile up at the bottom of the slide...

Guess who else got to go down the big slide??
 Hmmm....not sure what I think about this.

 OK, I liked it...

Can we do it again daddy?

It's not easy carrying 38lbs. to the top of that big slide, but SK's daddy won't hear of her being left out of anything and look she's still smiling.

Trying to get a picture of this group needs to be put in the category of: Mission Impossible, so we did the best we could.

And then the silly picture...yeah that one was no problem, they are all really good at that. 

Grey wanted his sister right beside him the whole time...

The Birthday Boy...

Grey with friends Riggs, Jacob and Chase...

Grey opened his presents once we got home...

What a great group of kids, they had a ball and wore themselves out, at least mine did.  We are so thankful for our friendships with these sweet families.

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