Monday, October 17, 2011

Our Arrival

I don't really know how I am going to handle our Disney World trip here on the blog.  There is so much to show and tell and I don't want to leave out a thing.  The only way I know to do it is one day at a time, kinda like the way we did Disney...we're gonna have to pace ourselves.

We arrived at our hotel on Saturday (Oct. 8).  We stayed at the All Star Sports Resort and no we couldn't all fit in one room so we had connecting rooms.  We requested either the football or baseball side, can you guess which one we ended up on?  It's not a trick question folks. 

The picture above is the common area outside our hotel room, we were on the third floor. Here is what we found on each of our bed's when we got to our rooms...

Grey and Sophie Kate received "My first visit to Disney World" buttons to wear each day.  They gave SK a balloon in the shape of a flower as well.

We have never stayed on Disney property before.  My uncle used to work for Walt Disney World so we were super spoiled and just stayed with them for free.  Thank goodness we paid for this trip advance so that we could have time to get over the sticker shock before we actually got there.  

It was raining the day we arrived so we spent our first evening exploring the gift shop, the arcade and the food court.  There wasn't too much time for that stuff though because we had to rest up for our first day in the parks.

Grey and Sophie Kate bunked together all week, he did great with her.  

My boys were in awe of our hotel food court, with the dining plan we were on they got a dessert with every meal. Cooper's favorite seemed to the chili cheese dog, Grey was strictly a chicken nuggets and fry guy and Jacob was happy to spread the love around and tried lots of different things. The one thing they were united on though was the ice cream waffle cone to finish off just about every meal.  I'm afraid they aren't going to be to happy with the school cafeteria as they have to get back to reality this week.

Dare I go ahead and jump into our first day at Magic Kingdom?  No, it needs it's own post, but I'll leave you with a preview.  It was an extra special day for Princess SK.

 Thanks for checking in on us.

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