Thursday, October 20, 2011

Jacob's Surgery

Update Thursday afternoon:  We are home with Jacob and he is resting/sleeping.  The surgery took longer than expected, he went to the OR at 9:50 and didn't come back to us until almost 1:00.  The cyst in his ear was bigger than his doctor thought it would be and he ended up having to remove the bionic ear (titanium bone).  This was an unexpected twist because now Jacob is going to have a fourth surgery to put the bionic ear back together.  His next surgery won't be for another 6-8 months, so during this time Jacob won't be able to hear much out of his right ear. This was definitely not the news we were hoping to hear today.

He has been in some pain this afternoon but has also been sleeping pretty heavily as well.  Sophie Kate is still running a fever and overall not feeling well.  That's all for now, I'm so tired.  Praying for healing sleep tonight for all of us.

Today is Jacob's surgery, please pray for him, his doctors and his nurses.  Pray that they are able to remove all of the cyst this time so we can be rid of this thing for good.  Pray for his comfort, he was in so much pain with this surgery the last time.

In addition to all we have on our plate today, Sophie Kate is sick.  I don't understand why things have to be so hard. How do you leave a sick one or how do you not be with the one whose having surgery?  Mama's can't make these kinds of decisions.  I am so grateful for SK's nurse who is dropping everything to care for her today while we are at the hospital with Jacob.  

His surgery is outpatient so we will be back home today. I'll update some time after surgery.  I would so rather be posting about Disney today than all this mess.  Thanks for your prayers.  

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