Sunday, January 9, 2011

Happy New Year

I am well aware that New Year's Day has come and gone, but here on the blog we are partying like it's January 1, 2011.  Here is how SK spent her New Year's Eve/Day...

Sister stayed up until midnight...

and then proceeded to sleep until after 9:00 the next morning.

I guess that's how it goes when you party like a rock star.

Before I get in trouble for not having pictures of the boys on New Year's Eve, let me remind everyone that they were still at my parent's house at that time, so it was just me and my guy and the little sister.  We had fun ringing in the New Year at a friend's house.

Here are a few more random shots from our Christmas break...

These were taken at their grandparent's house, as they were trekking through the "jungle."

Grey, taking a cue from his older brother, and being helpful.

Jacob on the other hand was waiting in ambush to jump out and scare/chase the little kids.

SK hanging out on a nice December day before it turned cold.

We had the best time with our family and friends.

We are now awaiting the blizzard of 2011, so far it's just sleet but looking forward to some snow here in the deep south.

Thanks for checking in on us. 

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