Thursday, November 18, 2010

Things that make me happy

by Sophie Kate McManic

-A good nights sleep

-The warmth of the sun on my skin and my face

-My brother Cooper reading a book to me

-Someone to pay attention to me and talk to me...I hear you and I love to be included

-To be tickled by my brother Jacob 

-My new Sunday School class

-My cutest bob on the block

-To be carried on my daddy's strong back

-Having my brother Grey sing me a song

-To take a nap in my mama's arms

-Being at home

-Nurse Kelly

-Spending time with my family and friends

-My new preschool class

-Sitting in my rocking chair looking at the Christmas tree lights

-My sweet new boots...check 'em out...

Thanks for stopping by, hope your weekend is wonderful.

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