Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sophie Kate goes to Preschool

Sophie Kate goes to preschool, sounds like the title of a book, doesn't it?  I don't even think the pages of a book could hold all that has gotten her and us to this point.  Three years ago I would have never thought this day would be possible for our girl.

This day...where Sophie Kate gets up and gets dressed in her "first day of school outfit" and heads out the door with her very own school's all very unreal...I can't believe we are at this place in her life, glory to God.

Y'all knew the G-man would have to be in on the action, he was excited about SK's first day too.

Here SK is about to go into her new classroom. 

I know she doesn't look as thrilled as one might think she would be, but keep in mind that this was 8AM, some days SK is still in the bed at that hour.  This was early for her. 

Sophie Kate is going to school two days a week.  She receives speech and vision therapy on one day and then physical therapy and occupational therapy on the other day.  All of the therapies are fitted in and amongst a regular classroom setting so that SK can be an active member of the class.  

The reports I have received this week have all been very positive.  Sophie Kate was smiley and happy at school, which I knew she would be, she loves being around other children.  She made a hand print this week.  She has activated some switch toys and sang the "Hello Song" with the help of a switch with her classmates.  I love me goosebumps.  

The pictures below are courtesy of her teacher.  Thank you, Mrs. Bowlin...

I think she was a little bit excited to be at school, don't you?

I've got 4 kids in school now.  I've always had someone at home with me.  Even when all the boys were at school, yeah the house was quiet but it was still SK and I.  It has been just her and I for so long, this is all unfamiliar territory for me.  I am happy, sad, nervous, excited, and protective of her and for her all at the same time. 

I am trusting though...trusting the One who created her...releasing my tight grip on her as He leads me to do.  He is always with her even when I am not.  I am in awe as I see how God continues to work out His amazing plan for our little girl's life.

What a week...thanks for checking in on us.


Kristi M said...

thanks for this post! My Gabby will be starting school in March when she turns 3. I am VERY nervous about it. She attends a regular daycare now since I work full time, but that is not the same thing as school. Does Sophie Kate attend all day or half day? Is she in a normal preschool setting or with other children with disabilites?

Amye Jo said...

Sophie Kate only goes half days and it is a mixed classroom about half typical kids and half special needs. The half days have been a great way to start for her b/c she is exhausted by the time I get her home.

Good Luck to y'all.