Monday, October 25, 2010

Big Girl Bed

Evidently the whole world opens up to you when you turn 3 years get to go to preschool, you get to apply for your Make-A-Wish trip and you get a big girl bed.  There are so many changes being thrown at us all at once, I don't even have time to think about how I feel about it all.  All of them are positive changes just reiterating to us over and over that we don't have a baby on our hands anymore...we have a little girl.  

Little girls don't sleep in cribs, they get big girl beds...

It's the same day bed that I had growing up.  Now, that bumper pad that you see running along the back is from her crib bedding, it doesn't go with her new bedding but we felt a lot better having that along the sides and back.  So I need to find just a solid pink bumper pad to actually complete the look, but I do love it.

And so does SK...

She looks so tiny in that big bed.

My parents bought SK's bedding for her birthday, which we will be celebrating in Minnie Mouse fashion this weekend.  SK is going to be Minnie Mouse this year for Halloween so we are having a Halloween birthday party like we did last's so much fun.

Big girl bed and preschool...slow down sister your still my baby girl.
Thanks for checking in on us, have a great week.

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