Monday, September 27, 2010

Double Digit Birthday

My oldest hit the big 1-0 this weekend.  Everyone has told him that once he hits double digits there is no going's only downhill from here, ha ha.  Right now he would give anything to be older but I told him, "this feeling too shall pass."  One day you will wish those numbers would stop piling up so quickly, but for now 14, 15, & 16 just can't get here soon enough.

We took him to his favorite place to eat, which is known in our house as "cook in front of us."  It is actually a Japanese Steak house but you know it's one of those places where they...well, they...cook the food in front of you.

They all love it and beg to go there all the time.  The thing I like best about "cook in front of us" is that they like the food and clean their plates whenever we go there.  Yes, we also embarrassed him greatly by having everyone sing "Happy Birthday" to him.

Not sure how it's possible that I have a 10 year old.  Have I really been out of college that long? I guess so.

Love you madly Cooper.

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Chantelle said...

I am sooo with you Amye...when Noah hit 10 in July I just couldn't get past how old it made me feel!