Thursday, March 25, 2010

We finally made it to Friday

Wow...what a week to come back to after our fabulous Spring Break. I have been begging to have that week back again several times over the past few days. Alright, to catch everyone up, I'll start with Sophie Kate. She failed her swallow study again, but we didn't leave completely downtrodden. They are finally going to start her on the therapy that we have been trying to get her in since last fall, it's called vital stim. The only thing is it's a 6 week concentrated therapy and I only have 8 weeks of school left. So I told them if we were really going to do this we needed to have started yesterday. I hope they are really serious about getting her going if not we will have to wait until school starts back in August.

Now onto Jacob, we took him in for surgery this morning at 7:45. He got his bionic ear as we have affectionately been calling it around here. Some of you may remember the cyst that was removed from his ear back in October, well, when they did that they also took out almost all of the bones of the middle ear. Come on...y'all remember don't you, the anvil, hammer and stapes, biology class ringing a bell to anyone? Anyway, after making sure that the cyst wasn't going to start regrowing, the doctor was then ready to go back in and place a titanium bone among a lot of other things as well...aka the bionic ear.

This child has been absolutely amazing through this whole process. He has made today so easy on his mama and daddy and that wasn't even his job. After what he went through with the last surgery he had every right to be whiny, irritable and scared but he wasn't, he showed no fear whatsoever. I am telling you he is the only one of our children that could have handled this in such a way. I love them all dearly but Jacob has walked through all of this with a great attitude, courage and strength.

He has felt pretty good, we are keeping the pain medicine coming regularly right now. The only thing that is a bit of a letdown is that he can't be active for 3 weeks...which translates into no PE or recess at school (once he goes back), no bike riding or jumping on the neighbors trampoline(the neighbors may be the only ones happy about that, ha ha) and sadly no baseball either. It will definitely be a challenge once he starts feeling better.

Cooper got this pallet together for Jacob so that he could lay on the floor and play with Lego's.

Jacob looks a bit out of it in this picture or is that just him zoning out in front of the TV...hard to tell, this look is very common in our house. Please take note of his guinea pig "Agent Darwin." The nurses in the OR at Children's South bandaged up his right ear too just like Jacob's, isn't that too cute.

Thank You Lord for getting us through this week and thank y'all for offering up prayers on behalf of our family.

Psalm 68:19 "Praise be to the Lord, to God our Savior, who daily bears our burdens."

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