Thursday, March 4, 2010

Brother and Sister

I have said all along that he has been the most standoffish with Sophie Kate. He possess a lot of the "first born" characteristics. He is a cautious rule follower, he is quiet compared to his other two brothers, he is the type that needs to assess the situation before he proceeds. We call Cooper our gentle giant, he has a kind heart and is a loyal friend.

I don't guess that it's fair of me to keep pointing out his cautious behavior when it comes to his sister b/c when he comes through for her, he comes through BIG! I think the first thing that stands out in my mind was last summer when he first read her a book...all his idea with no prompting from me. My heart was just blessed by being able to watch it.

He's always the one asked to hold SK in all the pictures I take and he always does it w/o question, I think it's b/c he knows how much it means to his mama...

Then there was the time right before Christmas last year when he came home with coupons that he had made for everyone in the family. If you remember, SK's coupon was for Cooper to read a book to her, another sweet moment that stands out in my mind. His heart is so tender for her.

Last week, he went to marketplace after school. Marketplace is a one time of year thing where students sell things they made themselves. I told Cooper and Jacob that they could go but that they would have to use their own money, so each of them took $5. This is what Cooper came home with...

He bought that necklace for his cost him $4 of the $5 that he brought. It has made her so happy, she loves wearing it and he loves seeing her wear it. It brought huge tears to my eyes and I think if truth be told it has done way more for his heart too than anything else he could have come home with for himself.

My firstborn and my last born...

I told you...when he comes through for her...he comes through BIG!

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