Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Most Awesomeness of Distractions

Ahhh...the sights and sounds of football are returning to the area. The boy's flag football games have started, the high school games have started which means that college and NFL games are soon to follow. The one thing that the start of September signals is the beginning of college football season, it's been a long 9 months and we are sooo ready.

These flag football games are so fun, we have a ball doing this...

Sk just likes to sit around and look cute...

Last week definitely took it's toll both physically and emotionally. We have a surgery date set for Jacob in October. The CT scan on Thursday showed the doctor exactly what he needed to know about this cyst that is in Jacob's right ear. It is very involved with the bones and structures of the ear. There are going to be two surgeries: the first one to remove the cyst and any surrounding structures and then about 6 months later a second surgery to rebuild the bones of the inner ear. Yes, I can hardly believe that all this is happening to my little boy. I have NEVER heard of anything like this before.

His hearing will not be good in between the surgeries but should be better after the second surgery. His left ear is fine and his hearing is great in that ear. His attitude is so good about everything, Jacob just doesn't have a bad day, it's not in his nature. He has the sweetest most kind heart and it breaks mine to know he will be in pain.

We are in the process of exchanging one of SK's medicines for another. It's not the seizure med, it's the meds she gets for her muscle tightness. The process is not going well and I am beginning to second guess myself on this decision. She's irritable, not comfortable and not sleeping so unless things get better over the next 3 days I may find myself going back to how things were before. I was wanting to try her off that particular medicine b/c it has been known to cause seizures. Please pray for this process, I desperately want to do the right thing for her.

Now back to the most awesomeness of It brings with it cooler temps, get togethers with friends and family, tailgating food and fantasy football match ups every Sunday. Now that the boys are into it, it just makes it that much more fun.

I know there is always something with us. I'm sick of it, I know you all must be. I want to be bored so bad. Thanks for sticking with us on this journey.

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