Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Things have been quiet around here because quite frankly there is not a lot to report...and that's a good thing.  Sophie Kate hasn't been seen around town much these days because it is "sick season."  She is home from school, she is home from church and she is home from just about all extracurricular activities.  I would normally have a huge problem with that because there is always a part of me that gets sad that she can't get out and go places with us during the winter.  However, when I look back on this season so far, I know without a doubt that we have made the best decision for her.  She has been so healthy so far this winter. And it's not just that she is sitting at home with her boring mama either.  Sophie Kate gets 3-4 visits a week from the homebound services through our school system.  Her teacher and her therapists are coming weekly to work with her and she is making wonderful progress while being in an environment that does not compromise her health.

This would normally be the time where I would tell y'all how mad it makes me when parents send their children to school sick and how my "well" child can't go to school because of the selfishness of some parents.  And yes that still makes me sooo mad so don't get me started on that because I'm not doing that today.  She is doing so well and is accomplishing so much here and I am just not going to go there today.

Last year was our first experience with homebound school and it came about as a result of a very serious illness that SK battled in December of 2013.  So, homebound school last year was very limited for Sophie Kate because she was recovering and was so very weak.  This year, however, we took her out of school in November to try and keep her well through the winter.  So homebound school this year has looked quite different...she has soared.  I even get the benefit of seeing her teachers and therapists work with her and let me just tell y'all that is a privilege.  I wish everyone could see how hard these folks work and how much they put into these children and in turn how the children respond.  It is nothing short of amazing. 

Sophie Kate is using her switch to talk for her, she is making choices and she is staying strong and healthy.  So as you can see, my feelings about her homebound status this season have changed a bit when I see how well she is doing.  Now you know why my answers to your questions about her might be short and sweet...she's good, she's healthy.  It's really not a bad thing that I don't have a lot to say about what's going on here, it's a nice change of pace.  

Psalm 71:6, "By You I have been sustained from my birth; You are He who took me from my mother's womb; my praise is continually of You."

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