Wednesday, February 4, 2015

A New Nurse

I have the neatest story to share with y'all about how we met Sophie Kate's new nurse.  We still have our nurse and friend Kelly, who has been with us for 4 years now, it's just that we have been approved for more nursing hours than one person can work.  We have been looking for a new nurse since September and all along I have consistently said, "I know God already has this special person picked out for us we are just really ready to meet her."  And that's the really cool we came into each other's lives.

Every December our church hosts a dinner for families in our area.  It's a special time of eating, presents and getting to know new folks.   In December 2013,  our family did not get to participate because Sophie Kate was so sick. However, all of us were back together and well this past December and able to participate.  In the course of talking to the family we were sitting with, I shared with the mother that we were currently looking for a nurse to care for our daughter.  Immediately, she said, "I might know someone," and proceeded to call them right then and there.  Well, a text led to a phone call and a phone call led to a visit and well the short version is....we have a new nurse for Sophie Kate.  

She is just precious.  I love how she has jumped in unafraid to take our girl on.  Yes, she's a nurse and that's her job, but Sophie Kate can strike fear in even the most confident caregiver.  The quality I love most about her is the sweet way she interacts with SK.  I can teach just about anyone the medical aspects of caring for SK.  I can even teach non-medical folks how to take care of her, but I can't teach them to love her.  I can't teach them to be tender and gentle and kind.  I can't make them connect with her.  So it's not just job competentcy that allows me to leave the house worry free, it's their connection, it's the relationship I see already forming that sets my mind at ease. 

The things I see that encourage me is the way she brushes Sophie Kate's hair and the soft sweet way she talks to SK when she doesn't even know I'm listening...that is what going above and beyond the job of hanging a feeding bag looks like.  Isn't it neat to look back and consider September and even before that, before we even knew we had a need for another nurse God was already preparing.  Preparing us and preparing her for that meeting on December 10th...I knew she was out there, we are so glad to have met her...I am encouraged. 

Philippians 4:19, "And my God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus."  

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