Monday, December 1, 2014

Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving took on a different feel this year.  We alternate Thanksgiving every year between my parents and Chad's parents.  This year was spent in Mississippi with my parents and my family.  The theme of the day just seemed to be being thankful that we were all together.  I know that sounds very simple and very obvious but really sometimes it's just that easy.  My aunt and my dad have been dealing with some health issues, my cousin and her family are usually out of state but they stayed home this year and then there is always our wild card, Sophie Kate.  Will she be well enough to travel?  Will everyone we are visiting be well?  There are lots of questions surrounding Sophie Kate's participation in things outside of our house during these months.  

There was a significance in us all being together on this day this year.  I think we could all feel it.  We got caught up on each others lives, we told stories, we reminisced, we prayed together, cried together and laughed our heads off together. I don't have pictures to share from our Thanksgiving, but it's all just as fresh in my mind as if I had a picture right in front of me.  We needed that time together, I needed that time with them.  I needed to put my hands on them and do a few days of life with them.  And of course we ate together, cause where 2 or 3 of us are gathered together, there will be casseroles and desserts.

My mom, my sister and I went shopping over the weekend as we usually do, but typically we are only gone for a couple of hours.  This time we went and had lunch together and didn't come back until dinner.  It was a fabulous afternoon of mom, daughter and sister time.  The men in our lives made all that happen.  The kids were dressed, fed and didn't appear to have any significant injuries when we returned so we weren't asking any questions.

My home is where my people are...and yes most of the time that is in Alabama, but can't my heart be in two places at once?  Because it seems that part of it is left in Mississippi as well.  I can't separate my self and my heart from these people any more than the crazy can be separated from Black just can't be done.   It's getting more and more difficult for us to travel with this girl of ours but the distance and the difficulty getting there knows no bounds when it's time to go home.

Hope y'all had a great break with the ones you love.

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