Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Right Now

I find myself in a very familiar spot, sitting as close as I possibly can to my girl's hospital bed.  We have been inpatient at Children's Hospital since yesterday.  Sophie Kate is having her tonsils removed today.  We have been dealing with an acute situation of upper airway obstruction for about three days now.  Her doctors have determined that her tonsils, being as enlarged as they are need to come out.  She has slept for three nights sitting almost straight up, leaning only slightly forward over a pillow.  It's no way to live and breathe, but it seems to be the only way she is able to take a good deep breath.

No one here takes putting her to sleep lightly.  While I have every confidence that they know exactly what they are doing, they also have a good healthy fear of her.  It's a good combination, because they know what they are dealing with when doctors start talking surgery for this girl.  It's a struggle for her to keep herself oxygenated right now.  In fact, she isn't doing it by herself.  There are a lot of interventions going on here and folks have been in and out of our room all night trying to help her help herself.  "Let's just get her to surgery time," they say and my heart hurts a bit more as I consider what she is up against...the recovery, the pain and the not understanding.

It's not her hospital bed, it's not the hospital bed in her room at home where she and I are most comfortable.  It's a hospital bed we don't know, with other folks making decisions for her, many who are new to this world we live in with her.  They listen to me as I try  to catch them up on the six years of her life.  It's almost impossible, so I go really technical and really medical with them just to get through it.

Her eyes were so big and bright yesterday, more than one person commented on them and on that smile of hers.  I know that is fixing to go away from us for some time. Please pray for her surgery, it will be taking place mid morning.  Pray specifically for her recovery, both immediately after surgery and a week out.  While we know this surgery isn't the answer to all our questions, we pray it will be the answer to some of them.  Pray she will come off the breathing tube from surgery and be able to oxygenate herself easily and without obstruction.

We wait and we hope expectantly in the name of Jesus.  I will leave you for now with the words my friend texted me after I asked her for specific prayer for Sophie Kate..."It's done!"  I love that!! 

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