Monday, February 3, 2014

The Magic of Disney

More from our November Disney World trip...I know I have posted one of these pictures before of Sophie Kate with her fairy godmother, but I just loved this sweet lady so much. She had so much to say to SK, it was so so sweet.  All the folks waiting behind us just had to wait because she was not going to be rushed.
She told our girl that they would have tea parties together in their dreams.  I understand that that may sound a bit cheesy right now, but it wasn't cheesy at all in the moment. In fact I may or may not have teared up a bit.

 She was a treasure.

Me and that guy would do anything to see that look on her face everyday.  We would ride the teacups till we puked if we had to...that face is priceless and makes me do everything I do.  

Chad got a great shot of Cinderella's Castle while we were waiting for the Electrical Parade.  I love SK's face during that parade I hope she loves it as much as I think she does. I know she can see all the lights by the way she watches each float come by.

How about some extra magic hours? Yes, please!  And how about that smile at midnight, still going strong.  She doesn't want to miss a minute of the magic.
 Hello Tinkerbell!

The boys suffered through the Disney fairies for their sister.  Next on the agenda was to ride rides until we shut the place down. 
 Open the parks and shut them down, that's how we do it.
 Always a Princess...
with her knight in shinning armor never far away.  A fitting end to another wonderful day at the Magic Kingdom.

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