Monday, February 24, 2014

Catching Up

It was so beautiful here this weekend.  Sixty and seventy degree weather makes us long for spring, however I see that it is going to be short lived since we will be back in the 40's by midweek.  No worries though, we have taken every advantage of our spring like weather.  Sophie Kate has been out in her stroller on walks and just outside in general...outside these four walls.  It has been good for her and us.

Her homebound teachers have been coming to our house as well.  This past week she was seen by three therapists and one teacher.  They do so much with her.  I love to watch them work with her.  I see her respond to them and I know she is missing interacting with them everyday.  They put smiles on both of our faces.

We had a dentist appointment x4 as I like to call it around here and you know it's been a while since you've been out of the house when you dress like this to go to the dentist...
A bit overdressed for the dentist...maybe, but sister has been in her fair share of pjs and "comfy clothes" for the past 3 months.  I will add that she is a beautiful soul in whatever she is wearing, but we had fun with it nevertheless.  It is quite the task getting four up and out to the dentist all at once.  I'm not sure if it might be easier to divide and conquer but whatever the case we are done for another 6 months except for the ones that have to see the orthodontist now...yikes!

Everyone is done with basketball and we are taking a break for sports this Spring.  This is how SK and I feel about that...
We're excited for Spring and warmer temperatures and feeling better.  Now I am going to leave y'all with the funniest picture from our weekend...
Frank listening to some tunes, makes me laugh.  That is all.

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