Friday, January 31, 2014

Moving On

We are coming out of 3 days of being shut down due to winter weather here in Birmingham and the surrounding areas.  We are starting to thaw and will be emerging back into our routines very soon.  All the folks I have been surrounded by and have come into contact with have been doing the best they can in the situation we have all found ourselves.  Actually, in reality, everyone has been going above and beyond what was required of them...that's just how we do things down here, I would have expected nothing less of these selfless people.  There are no complaints or criticisms because there is no point. Everyone is stepping up and helping in whatever ways they can.  It didn't matter who your mama and daddy were, it didn't matter how much money you had, it didn't matter what church you went to or didn't go to...and you know what?  The pricey cars slid into the ditches just like the cheap was just neighbors helping neighbors and churches and communities supporting their fellow man.  It was good stuff in the midst of a difficult weather situation...well done southerners.

Sophie Kate has been warm and in her comfy clothes and in front of the fire.  I feel like a song put on continuous repeat when it comes to telling y'all how she is doing.  It's still the same...she's getting better, she's still struggling at night, the days and nights are long with very slow progress. She does better for a period of time and then she struggles for a period of time.  It's a lesson in waiting and being patient so that's what we're doing.

Catching y'all up on our Disney trip was very rudely interrupted by our stay in the PICU and I feel like getting back to that's what we're gonna do.  This trip has become such a sweet memory for me especially when I look back on pictures like this one...
On Wednesday of our Disney week, we spent our day in the Magic Kingdom.  It's my favorite place and the center from where all Disney blessings flow.  We were in for quite a day with an appointment at the Bippity Boppity Boutique and a reservation for dinner with the Disney princesses. This day was not capable of anything but smiles and fun.

She's already a Princess, nothing they could do would make her any more beautiful in my eyes, but it sure was fun nonetheless.

 Our Princess

MiMi and Sophie

 Me and my girl

 SK and her cousin Emma Claire
 PawPaw and MiMi with two of their Princesses
Our Princess Dinner...first order of business was meeting Cinderella of course.

 Snow White

 Princess Aurora
 SK and her cousin Olivia
Poor Princess Jasmine, she can never let herself go.  Thank goodness the boys weren't there her outfit was quite skimpy.

Our Princess dinner was just us girls.  It was one of the most fun things we did.  Sophie Kate was so so happy on this day.  She lit up when the Princesses came over to her. It was a treasure to do this with my mom, my sister, my nieces and my own little girl. I won't soon forget it.
This picture makes me so happy!!

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