Monday, December 2, 2013

Animal Kingdom

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving break.  After so many days off, it's tough getting up on a cloudy rainy Monday morning.  Okay, back to our Disney trip...that should make for a brighter morning.  After our breakfast at Chef Mickey's our "party of 13" headed to Animal Kingdom.
 SK and Pocahontas

It cracks me up that Pooh and Tigger are in their Christmas attire while my group is in shorts and t-shirts.  
It was weird hearing Christmas music as we were sweating and walking around in 80 degree weather.


There is a story behind the next two pictures, the first one is Sophie Kate before she rode the river rapids ride...
and the second one is after she rode the river rapids ride. The thing is, you never know how wet you will be after riding.  Some people get off barely wet at all and some get off soaked you just never know.  They had a special seat just for her and since it was in the mid 80's that day we decided to do it.  Let me just tell y'all that girl and her daddy got soaked and the best part about it was that she had a huge grin on her face the entire time.
This was one of the most special moments of the day.  It was the Disney folks that told us she was able to go on the ride.  We had every intention of one of us sitting out with so glad we didn't!

Well, our Animal Kingdom adventure is far from over, but I don't want to drone on and on with super long posts.  I will wrap up our Animal Kingdom day in the next post. There is so much more to come, Disney really does treat our girl like a Princess and I don't want to leave out a single thing.  Stay tuned.

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