Monday, March 11, 2013

Almost Springtime

The long days have come around again.  The days where the sun stays out longer and longer as do my boys. Temperatures begin to shift toward that perfect 70 degree springtime weather.  All of the trees have buds on the ends of their branches that look like they are fixing to just burst open and they will soon.  There are signs of flowers starting to emerge from a dormant winter ground and of course the weeds in our yard are already starting to wield their ugly green heads.  

The fresh and not so fresh smells of spring are starting to return as well.  You know, the fresh breezes after a spring rain and the not so fresh smells of 6-12 year old boys. Their clothes stink and their hair smells of wet dog.  I love it all though because it means they have played hard...riding bikes, shooting hoops, jumping on the trampoline or playing football in the backyard.  I usually have our back door open and through the screen door I can hear their squeals, laughter and fights.  Yeah, the back door is mainly left open so that I can yell out of it at the offending brother, I wish that wasn't the truth but sadly it is. 

Sister likes being outside as well, we never leave her in once the weather turns nice.  Don't think the smells around here are confined to just the boys, Sassy can generate quite a stink as well it's just not something a lady likes to talk about.  I have fallen into a bad habit of buying mostly sleeveless dresses and shirts for SK.  I am a sucker for a sweet sundress or basically any other cute summery outfit, I seem to overlook the short sleeve stuff for some reason. So we end up going from long sleeves to sleeveless pretty quick around here.

Let's see, I think I've covered all the sights, sounds and smells of spring.  The only thing I will miss about winter are the cozy fires in the fireplace other than that all I can say is that Sophie Kate and I are tired of being cold.  We are ready to get our outdoor room set up with our chairs, ottomans and mosquito netting(ha ha) so that we can yell at the brothers to stop aggravating each other....ahhh Spring, can't wait!  

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