Monday, November 26, 2012


We had a wonderful Thanksgiving break in Mississippi. My only complaint would be that it's over way to soon. We had great food, great fellowship and a wonderful visit with my family.  I very rarely make a short trip to my parent's house, when we go we intend to spend some time there.  I want to have a reason to unpack suitcases and hang clothes in closets.  I want to have time to spread all our stuff out and just hang out.  I want to stay long enough that we have to look in every nook and cranny for all our junk when it's time to pack up and that's just what this Thanksgiving break was...days to spend hanging out and catching up.

Sophie Kate is sick and has been for a couple of days.  As we were driving home yesterday, I was constantly tending to her trying to make her as comfortable as possible while she was fitfully in and out of sleep.  I was dreading the drive home with my sick girl, knowing how miserable it could have been for all of us.  We did it though and that seems to be a running theme for us.  We are still going and doing and it's not easy, in fact quite the opposite it's very difficult.  The planning involved in just being out with her for part of the day is unreal, including all the work involved just to get her out the door, but we're doing it.  It leaves Chad and I exhausted at times, but I am glad we are able to get out with her and the boys and do things as a family.  

Chad kept a very sick Sophie for me to be able to go shopping with my mom and sister and then again for me to take the boys to a movie with their cousins.  We still got to visit with family and do all the things we normally do at my parent's house because Chad and I have this thing down to a well oiled machine.  When sister is sick, it's just a different mode for us and unfortunately a familiar place as well.  There's feedings to be adjusted or discontinued altogether, along with suctioning, hydrating, even more meds, temperature readings and lots and lots of laundry...but we did it.  

It amazes me what we are able to accomplish together, we are definitely stronger together than we are individually. We make a great team.  It just seems fitting with Chad's birthday coming up on Wednesday for me to say "Thank you."  I couldn't and wouldn't want to do any of this without you.  I find love, friendship, strength and support in our relationship and can't imagine doing what we've done alone.  

So yes, she's still sick and we still had a very blessed Thanksgiving and Daddy will still have a very Happy Birthday because five years ago on that very day our little girl came home from the hospital and he has been very happy to spend his birthday at home with her and us every year since.  
Happy Birthday, Daddy!

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