Thursday, July 26, 2012

Fifteen Years

Fifteen years ago today, these two "kids" were married...
July 26, 1997

Yes, Chad was 12 when we married.  He's always looked younger than me, it's not fair, but guess what...he's not, ha ha!!  Oh my we had no idea what we were doing or what married life was really going to be 24 and 25 years old how could we?  

What a journey we have been on together.  We stood before our family and friends and said the traditional vows that couples have been saying for's not the words it's the commitment.  Fifteen years later we have a promise and a commitment between us that is as strong as it's ever been.

We know each other so well and that's a comfort, not something that should lead to complacency but there's an ease and a feeling of security that comes with years spent together.  He makes me laugh so hard, he provides for us, he leads our family and because of his love for and relationship with Christ he loves me like crazy and believe me I don't deserve it.

When we reach our 30 year anniversary and then 50 year anniversary, there will be an even deeper love and understanding between us.  I can't imagine it now, but I can see how we have grown over the past 15 years of marriage and have no doubt that as we continue to mature in our relationship with Christ we will grow closer and closer to each other.

Fifteen years ago those two "kids" had no idea what lay ahead of them, we still don't.  Those words we said before God, family and friends still hold true today.  It's a commitment we've made to God, each other and now our children.  It's a full, blessed life we lead.

Happy Anniversary, Chad.  Thanks for coming home to the craziness every night.  I love you!! 

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