Thursday, June 7, 2012


We have had a great week of Vacation Bible School.  It's the regular every day things that I am thankful Sophie Kate being able to attend VBS with her brothers.  She's healthy, she's happy and she's able to get out and be a part of life with her family.  

She wakes up smiling, she's feeling good and she has her very own class to go to.  She sings, she colors, she's loved on and cared for by people who have a heart for children like our SK.  What a blessing our church is, I just can't say enough good things.  SK loves to be around people and activity and music and she gets all of that each morning at VBS.

Our church's Special Needs ministry frees me up to be able to serve in the boy's classes.  This year I am teaching Jacob's class (3rd grade) and I have loved it!  When I go and pick her up her teachers tell me how happy she has been, how much she responds to music and just how precious she is.  It's always nice to hear those things, especially when I've been away from her.

In this world of such pain and suffering, hurt and sadness I am thankful for mornings with her and her sweet smile. Thankful that she's able to get out of the house with us. Thankful that she likes to be touched and loved on, because she is so loved and we all want her to know that. May I never take one morning of her smiling face for granted...we have traveled such a long road to get to where we are today.  

We talked in bible study one day of how God is more powerful than our circumstances...a lesson for the teacher as well as the students for sure. 
My favorite verse from our week...Daniel 2:20 "May the name of God be praised for ever and ever, for wisdom and power belong to him."

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