Monday, June 11, 2012

Shoes optional Summer

We are having what I am calling a "shoes optional summer."  I know I am not helping out any stereotypes either...meaning that those to our north don't think we ever shoes except to church on Sunday, right?  Seriously though, it's usually just me and my yellow boxes.  This year, however, all the boys have flip flops too.  My boys are strictly socks and tennis shoes kind of guys (by their own choice I might add), but I have noticed since they have had their flip flops that people are running around shoe-less like crazy.  I think it's because the flip flops come off so easily. I am finding that they are coming off at friend's houses, in the car, outside and all over the house.  I have lost count how many times we have had to "go back" for Grey's flip flops because he comes home with no shoes on. Seriously, wouldn't going shoe-less be easier?  I think it would be except for one little thing...those signs that say "no shoes, no shirt, no service."  I wonder if they really mean that...I think we might be finding out soon.

Oh and if you're wondering about Miss Sassy, she just prefers a good pedicure...
I am loving our "shoes optional summer" so far.  It stands for everything I believe in about school free alarm clock, no schedule, no problems...hmmm reminds me of a Kenny Chesney song.  

Thanks for checking on us.

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