Monday, July 25, 2011

Caroline's Cart

I saw this on the news the other night and was totally intrigued by it.  Here's what I found when I searched Caroline's cart on YouTube...

Something you may not know unless you've truly thought about it and I don't know why you would have if you didn't have to, but Sophie Kate cannot sit in a regular grocery cart.  She doesn't have the trunk or head control to do so. To go grocery shopping with SK is quite an undertaking even when I have help.  Someone has to push SK in her wheelchair and then someone else has to push the cart, not to mention the space her wheelchair takes up in the back. Remember, we are shopping for 6 over here and it takes all available space in the van for food and supplies for these boys.  

I hope the stores will see fit to buy some of these (or even just one) for the special needs families in their communities.  I am going to contact the places we frequent and encourage them to look into this.  I'll keep you posted and we'll see if any of them actually do.

Chad and I will celebrate 14 years of marriage on July 26th. It just so happens that our church is having a get together for special needs children and their siblings that night.  We are actually going to get a night out just the two of us on our anniversary.  I am so thrilled and so thankful for the love and support we receive from our church.

Happy Anniversary honey.  Things today may not look like we thought they would have 14 years ago in that one bedroom apartment that we started out in, but I wouldn't want to do this life with anyone else but you.  Love you!    


Lauren said...

Oh my! I think I will just have to recommend these in my home town as well. :) So thankful that this lady's family had the idea!

MBD said...

Hi! I just wanted to say thank you for mentioning Caroline's Cart. Drew Ann, the mom who invented the cart, is in the "getting the word" out stage. She's asking anyone who is interested in seeing the cart in their local store to print out a spec sheet and the next time they go shopping, drop the sheet about Caroline's Cart off with the grocery store owner or manager and let them know how much it would mean to your family to have Caroline's Cart on hand.