Monday, April 11, 2011


Here is what happens to Princess Bear when Sophie Kate and I aren't watching...

 Do you see the light saber?  This is what SK has to put up with from her brothers.  Although, they claim that a friend of theirs did this nevertheless they thought is was quite funny and were totally in on it...only in a house full of boys.  Cinderella and Minnie Mouse better watch out, no one is safe.  I am just waiting for one of them to be packing a Nerf gun while waiting in ambush for me.

These next two pictures are Sophie Kate wrapped in her princess towel after her bath, I don't know, they just made me smile. 

I know these are a bit dark, my camera and I were not getting along, it still happens from time to time.  I tried to lighten them up some but alas my processing skills are seriously lacking.  I am trying to do better with my camera by reading up on some aperture and shutter speed stuff but it takes time that I don't have.  So don't hate me for my lack of camera skills. 

Daddy wraps her up tight and then SK starts wiggling around trying to get herself free.  It's a game they like to play.

It was warm hot here this weekend so after baseball games, the boys cooled down with water balloons, water guns and sprinklers.

Which is all fine and good with SK as long as they leave Princess Bear out of it, ha ha!

We had a fun weekend, thanks for checking in on us.

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