Friday, February 18, 2011

Not Feeling Very Bionic

We have had a beautiful weather here this week and the weekend is calling for more of the same.  We have spent everyday outside either at home, at the park or at the ballpark.  Yep, preseason baseball practices are in full swing and the temps have been fueling our spring fever.

Sophie Kate has been outside as well swinging at the park and enjoying the weather spread out on a blanket watching baseball practices.  We have had the back door open this week listening to the sounds of our children playing in the backyard and not being able to resist getting out there ourselves too.  It has been a welcome change from all the snow, sleet, freezing rain and bitterly cold temperatures that had been surrounding us for the past 2 months.

I usually use this place to keep everyone updated on our girl...her comings and goings, appointments, therapies, etc.  So it is a little bit strange to be sharing some recent news about one of our boys.  Our middle son Jacob, as many of you know has had lots of problems with his ears (infections, multiple tubes, etc).  You may also remember that he had two surgeries last year, one to remove a huge cyst along with the bones in his ear and another to place a titanium bone back in his ear in order to conduct sound so that he can hear in that ear.

Well, last May he had a fairly normal hearing test and his doctor was quite pleased b/c he didn't expect him to be able to hear that well out of that ear, his right ear.  Two weeks ago at a routine checkup the hearing test showed hearing loss in that right ear.  His hearing has actually become worse since last May.  At this point they are calling it a mild conductive hearing loss.  The titanium bone that we refer to as Jacob's "bionic ear" is not consistently conducting sound now.  Not real sure what this means, we will be repeating another hearing test in 3 months to see if there is further hearing loss at that time. 

So when you say "Hi" to Jacob out and about around town, don't think he's ignoring you when he doesn't respond, he may not be able to hear you unless you are talking into his "good ear."  His "bionic" ear isn't so "bionic" these days.

We don't do "normal" or "typical" very well around here, it's always something.  Thanks for checking in on us.   

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