Thursday, February 24, 2011

Baby Clothes

I have been digging around in some of Sophie Kate's baby clothes lately preparing for a local consignment sale.  I have avoided it now for over 3 years b/c I just wasn't ready to revisit the memories those clothes had for me.  I knew I didn't need to keep all of them but up until now I just haven't been able to let any of them go.  So I decided I would go through them and if I picked up an outfit and became so moved by it then I would keep it but if I picked up one and really didn't feel strongly about it then it would go in the sale pile.

To my surprise it went really well, instead of getting caught up in the memories I thought those clothes would trigger for me, I only remembered how cute our baby girl looked wearing them.  These were newborn size up to about 12 months size onesies, sleepers, play clothes and name it, it was in there.  I even found some of the premie clothes we bought for SK right after she was born.  

It's kind of funny the huge array of preemie clothes we have...there is everything from short sleeve onesies to full on thick, warm, fuzzy sleepers.  When we were finally given the go ahead to put our own clothes on SK in the NICU she was still in what we called the "incubator."  The temperature was regulated in there so we were told to get preemie clothes that were light weight, short sleeves, etc. So off we went returning with newly bought and freshly laundered onesies and what I called her yoga pants.  They were the tiniest yoga pants you have ever seen...precious.  

About a week or so later, SK was maintaining her temperature for longer periods of time outside of the incubator so it was time for her to try the open crib.  We were then told that she would need long sleeve footie pajama sleepers that snapped closed.  We couldn't get the sleepers with zippers due to all the lines and cords that were still running from our baby girl to different machines.  Once again we had our orders and off we went, returning that time with newly bought and freshly laundered warm winter sleepers that would keep our girl snugly when we weren't there holding her.  

So now you see that we have this vast array of preemie clothes that can literally span the seasons.  Sophie Kate and I explored these clothes together, she has been home this week not feeling well.  We picked them up, touched them and smelled them.  Not surprisingly, they were infused with the smell of my girl and a little bit infused with the smell of the garage.  After they had a good washing though, they were just infused with the smell of my girl.  

I chose the ones I was going to sell and washed them and as I was hanging them up I noticed that one of them was missing a snap.  Well b/c of the location of said snap this one piece was not suitable for resale but let me show you what it is suitable for...

It's one of those pieces that gets softer and softer the more it is washed, why can't they make grownup clothes like that?  It seems like mine just get more and more uncomfortable.  It smells like her...a combination of baby and toddler, Dreft and baby wash, hospital and home, but all sweet sweet aromas to this mama's senses.

Thanks for checking in on us.


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