Friday, October 9, 2009

SK's Stuff

Continuing with the Sophie Kate's room theme, I am now going to show y'all some of the things that are in and around SK's room.

This china hutch that is now a curio cabinet holds lots of sweet things...Sophie Kate's oh so tiny and oh so sweet first pair of shoes, some picture albums from SK's first year of life, some of the things SK made this year at Vacation Bible School and some stuffed animals.

Sophie Kate's jewelry box holds her necklace and bracelet as well as some well meaning plastic rings that Cooper and Jacob have brought her, such sweet brothers.

Yuck, some of SK's medical supplies; in finding out about SK you will quickly discover that these are a part of her everyday life, but they do seem outta place in such a girlie room.

Back to the cute stuff...awww...SK's shoes hanging out on her changing table.

This little praying bear has been our traveling buddy since SK was born. This bear, along with the painting of her life verse in the previous post and a picture of her 3 brothers has made every trip with us to Children's Hospital. There were always certain things I would go and grab without hesitation anytime we were admitted and those along with her boppy pillow were always a part of the grab.

Sophie Kate's feeding supplies...

her nebulizer...

This is my dish draining rack, everything you see here is used for SK...

These are the meds that SK receives everyday and some of them multiple times a day.

It doesn't seem right to me that those things should coexist with these things...

or these things...

Medical supplies and sweet pastel colored baby bedding do not go together, feeding tubes and frilly dresses go together about as well as oil and water, nebulizers and suction machines have no place with polka dot shoes and jewelry boxes but they do when you are talking about my girl.

It breaks my heart that these necessary evils have taken the place of my baby girl's baby dolls and tea sets. I hate that an IV pole, a feeding tube and a feeding pump have taken the place of what should have been my little girl's stuffed animals and snugglies at her bedside. I hate that these things have made themselves at home here, it is only b/c God has made Himself at home here that we are able to take it all in. He prepares our heart to be able to handle it, He gives us the strength to bear it each and everyday.

All of these things coexist for the most part peacefully here because without them we wouldn't have this...

and we are absolutely crazy about her.

Love you guys, thanks for loving our girl.

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