Monday, May 20, 2013


I just don't do very well with the ending of things.  While I cannot wait for the ease of our unscheduled summer days, that's not how I am feeling this week.  I know without a doubt that we will smoothly transition into movie nights and sleeping late and I am looking forward to that, but it's not how I feel on this day.  On this day I am feeling nostalgic towards the little girl that started preschool 3 years ago.  As I literally count down the days we have left, I remember back to that little chubby cheeked girl and her mother unsure of the road that lay ahead (a place I have become very familiar with over the last 5+ years). 
 (SK the year she started Preschool)

Next school year I will have one in 7th grade, 5th grade, 2nd grade and Kindergarten...that cannot be possible, there must be a mistake somewhere.  They are different today than they were when school started back last August. Not a bad different just different and things have changed in our house and with our routines as the kids have changed.  Once again not a bad change but a change nevertheless.  A bit more grown up, a bit more independent...Cooper still needs us it's just in a different way.  I can feel things shifting in the house, kids growing up way to fast.

 All of these feelings will come to fulfillment when Sophie Kate graduates from preschool on Wednesday afternoon.  I will be an absolute mess.  A part of me wants to skip the whole thing and pretend like it isn't happening, but she's come too far for me to do that.  She has worked hard and I am very proud of her as I am her brothers.  Next week, it will be summer and all will be well, but this week I am feeling that sentimental pull on my heart that these babies of mine won't take their time in growing up. 

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