Monday, February 5, 2018

A snapshot of our day

I realize I haven't been on here in forever, but I never want to forget what our regular, ordinary days consist of sometimes.  As so many of you know Sophie Kate is basically home bound from the months of December-March, the sick season is hard on our girl and we go to great lengths to protect her in every way we can during this time of year.  The days are long though and can be quite lonely for both of us.  This year more than years past I literally feel like the flu is raging right outside our door.  Sophie Kate's three brothers are exposed to it in some shape or form every single day at school and then have to go through decontamination when they return home in the afternoon.  When folks ask how we are doing, I answer with my go to phrase of "We're still hanging in there," and we are.  And we will continue to do so until this awful flu season subsides; however, some of these regular routine days hold the sweetest moments.

Sophie Kate has been dealing with some pain for the last month.  It's not terrible pain, but she does cry out from time to time and we are having a very difficult time pin pointing exactly what it is that is hurting her.  It's not something that upsets her all the time or even some of the time, but we are dealing with something and as soon as all this flu stuff subsides we will investigate this further with her doctors, but right now it is not in her best interest to be anywhere near a doctor's office or hospital.  So, as we do much of the time, we are managing her at home.

On this particular day, I had moved SK from her recliner to the couch so she could lay down for a bit and it triggered the pain that she has been dealing with and she began to make that face that we all absolutely dread, which is the Sophie Kate cry face, it will completely break your heart.  Sophie Kate doesn't cry much at all so when she does, she means it.  No one can take it and we will do anything it takes to get her to stop.  On this day, Grey was home from school with us and he saw her begin to cry and came running over to her begging her to stop.  I am not kidding y'all, this is what we do.

Grey had been listening to music on his phone.  In fact, he had been at a church retreat just the weekend before and was listening to some of the worship songs from that weekend.  He had been trying to remember/find one song in particular and he had finally found it and he was playing that song when he came running over to his sister.  He pulled the ottoman up beside the couch so he could be near her and rubbed her cheek so softly while singing along to the song that was playing.  This was my view...

She stopped crying when he held her hand and sang to her, "Come Lord Jesus, come Lord Jesus come, we will behold the Lamb of God our Father send your spirit and fill this place with freedom."  Over and over he sang to her while she looked at him and knowingly smiled off and on, because she knows.  She knows far more than we do about her/our Creator and when someone speaks or sings words of life to her, it becomes a moment you can see and feel.  

She doesn't look at too many people like that, goodness she loves her brother and he thinks the sun rises and sets with that girl.  Just a regular, ordinary kind of day where we shut the world out as we fiercely try to protect her.  Thankful for these reminders on the long, hard days that seem endless this time of year.

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Joy said...

Such a sweet pair!
We've missed seeing y'all and pray that being home all these long weeks will result in a healthy new year and be filled with more sweet moments like these.
Thank you for your reminders to all of us!