Saturday, March 19, 2016


Spring signifies more to our family than just warmer tempertatures and blooming flowers.  After months inside the house with our girl in an effort to keep her well, we emerge and carefully re-enter our little corner of the world that we left so many months ago.  Seriously, if you see me out at all in March beware because I will most certainly talk your ear off on just about any subject.

Sophie Kate went back to school last Monday and by Friday her week had completely exhausted her.  It was wonderful to hear of the smiles and the good days she had. She works hard and plays hard at school and I am grateful that she was able to return this year.  In past years once we take her out for the winter months she doesn't end up returning to school the rest of the year. This year, though, with her small class size we decided to give it a try.  Every day that we are able to get her there, because believe me that is no small feat, feels like a small victory...that at 8 years old she is even still physically able to go to school is a gift.  Y'all really,  her doctors have been saying for years, "There will come a day when Sophie Kate is not able to go school and we're getting close to that day, but we're just not there yet."  So you can see how every day that she is able to go is a privilege.  And I try to look at it that way, when we are moving the mountains it takes to get her there by 8:15.

Spring also brings a break in sports, we'll kinda sorta. Y'all know that football never ends so there's that and if you know Chad and I at all then you know that we are sooo fine with that.  So when I say we have a break from sports I really mean that we are not doing any sports on the weekends, because Saturdays in the Spring belong to our girl and her horse.  We are back at Special Equestrians with Sophie Kate for her fourth year there.  It takes us longer to get there and back than it does for her entire lesson but those moments on her horse are indescribable. I would have never dreamed so many years ago that I would ever have seen her on a horse.  
 Spring 2015

Spring 2016

She's doing well, she's getting back to normal activities, she's back to doing some of the things she loves.  There continue to be hard days, but with that we have days like these too.  Our God is providing and preparing a way in the hurt and in the happy.    

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